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Cost to Install Vinyl Plank Flooring (7 Facts Affect the Price!)

Vinyl plank flooring is an affordable hardwood-like alternative to expensive hardwood floors. Plus, this material is a better option for regions with high humidity levels because it lasts longer in such conditions. Since this flooring type is trendy nowadays, many people wonder about the average vinyl plank floor installation cost.

The final cost will depend on the plank type you choose, brand, necessary underlayment, and desired extras. You should also calculate the old floor removing expenses and expenses for prepping substrate and laying the new floors. In the end, the price will be different if you hire professionals to do the job or you prefer finishing it as a DIY project. Let’s see.

What Is Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Vinyl plank is an excellent new vinyl flooring type you can find on the market nowadays. This high-tech, wooden-like composite material made of vinyl and limestone comes in planks and contains a few layers:

  • Flexible or rigid core layer
  • Embossed design layer
  • Clear plastic wear layer

You can also find added layers like topcoats for extra protection, underlayment for sound absorption, or a waterproof layer. Thanks to its ultimate characteristics, this flooring type is a desirable option for your home. Let’s see its advantages:


Material this flooring type is made of is stylish, but the vital advantage is durability. It is resistant to water damage, scratches, and staining, which is crucial when you have kids and pets. Most manufacturers offer a warranty of 15 years for it.

Effortless maintenance

This flooring type is resistant to water, so that you can wash it without restrictions and worries about any damage occurring. You can quickly remove even red wine, ketchup, and orange juice from its surface.

Quick and inexpensive installation

The huge advantage is that there is no need to remove the existing floor before installing this material. It will be enough to lay the new layer over the existing one. Professionals will finish all the work within a few hours since this model doesn’t require any gluing or flatting surface.

Variety of options

The plank can mimic any existing flooring type. Therefore, you can choose between numerous designs and pick the one that fits your taste the most.

Looks lovely

Since these planks are soft, they are comfortable for walking around. Thanks to various finishes, you can pick out a design you like the most, including:

  • Embossed
  • Smooth
  • Low gloss
  • Hand-scraped

What to Consider Before Installation

You need to consider a few crucial things before vinyl plank flooring installation.

Wear layer thickness

The secret is in a protective top layer vital for flooring appearance, longevity, and durability. You need to choose the one which thickness in mils fits its purpose. The thick wear layer will last longer, but there is no need to install the one thicker than 28 mils.

Suitability for vinyl planks installation

Think in advance if your space is suitable for this flooring type. The installation success will primarily depend on this, so you should always check the moisture levels and mold presence before starting the job.


Always check what the warranty entails. It is usually 15 years, but it will depend on the material you buy and the producer’s credibility.

Vinyl Plank Flooring Installation Costs

Vinyl is a material you can effortlessly install, but its final price will depend on the chosen installation method. The average installation costs range from $1 to $5 per 1 sq ft (0.09 m2) for most material types. Keep in mind that some vinyl planks are more challenging to install.

Vinyl plank flooring installation for 2,500 sq ft (232 m2)



Total cost

New flooring

Installation of mid-grade vinyl plank flooring and 500 linear feet of baseboard

$2.49 per 1 sq ft

(0.09 m2)



Additional cost for high range material installation

$2.14 per 1 sq ft

(0.09 m2)


Material cost

Necessary material plus fees

$5.05 per 1 sq ft

(0.09 m2)



Removing carpet, underlayment, or wood floor and preparing for transport

$0.01 per 1 sq ft

(0.09 m2)



Transport to the non-hazardous dump plus fees

$45 per cubic yard


Labor cost


$36 per hour $4,680
Removing $32 per hour


Total costs




The final installation costs will depend on a few factors, including:

1. Location

Labor costs significantly vary depending on the state where you live because of taxes and local permit fees. Be prepared that these expenses are not included in the floor installation company’s final bill.

The national average installing vinyl plank flooring is approximately $2,000, ranging from $800 to $2,900. Unfortunately, it is not an accurate indicator that applies to all states because the price range is wide.

Average labor costs are $1.50 to $6 per 1 sq ft (0.09 m2), while you need to pay $1.50 to $10 per 1 sq ft (0.09 m2) for material, depending on the product.

Keep in mind that the local living costs will affect an average company’s installation estimates. For instance, labor cost is lower in Kansas than in New York. Prices will also be higher in the areas with a boom in home sales.

2. Flooring type

  • Floating floor

It is a floor made of click-together planks, and it is the cheapest variety you can find with the lowest labor costs.

  • Peel-and-stick floor

Installing these pieces of flooring with adhesive backing for effortless sticking onto the subfloor is a middle-cost option. Its price is a bit higher because of the complicated preparations. The problem is that this flooring type with a flexible core needs a perfect subfloor to adhere correctly.

It is the most expensive option you can find because it requires gluing each plank. Therefore, its installation cost is not much less than the cost to install hardwood floors.

3. Material

As I have already mentioned, the average installation cost ranges from $1.50 to $10 per 1 sq ft (0.009 m2). However, the final price will depend on the installation style and the chosen brand.

  • Budget vinyl plank flooring

This material generally costs from $1 to $2 per 1sq ft (0.09 m2). These planks usually don’t include necessary protection and comprehensive appearance options.

  • Standard vinyl plank flooring

Standard material generally costs from $2 to $4 per 1 sq ft (0.09 m2), and you can find most styles in this price range. The material you can buy at this price has high advantages compared to hardwood floor alternatives.

  • Above-average vinyl plank flooring

Above-average quality material will cost you from $3 to $6 per 1 sq ft (0.09 m2). This group includes textured products, and you can get the most beautiful visual product for this price.

  • High-end vinyl plank flooring

Finally, this vinyl plank flooring type will cost you from $6 to $10 per 1 sq ft (0.09 m2), but sometimes this price is up to $12 or even $15. This product offers superior quality and durability.

Other costs

Professional installers will consider all other factors before estimating the final costs for each project.

4. Labor costs

In most cases, an average labor price for vinyl plank flooring installation is $1.50 to $2.75 per 1 sq ft (0.09 m2), including disposal.

5. Removing old flooring

This dirty job will cost you at least 35 to 75 cents per 1 sq ft (0.09 m2) when you have a floating floor, hardwood floor, or carpet. On the other hand, you should count on $2 to $4 per 1 sq ft (0.09 m2) for removing stone tile, ceramic, or glued-down flooring.

Keep in mind that particular jurisdictions in your region can require different disposal methods that will cost you more. Believe it or not, these preparation labor costs can go up to a few hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

6. Trimming

It is not the same if you want to place flooring in one large room or a few smaller spaces, although the area is the same. Flooring open space is faster and requires less time, effort, and material.

Flooring a room with non-standard angles includes trimming more planks. The good thing is that it is not a big deal when it comes to vinyl planks. It is possible to cut them with an X-Acto knife or power saw.

7. Stairs

It is a time-consuming job, so it is expensive. An approximate price for measuring, cutting, and treads gluing is $60 to $100 per stair.

Vinyl Plank Flooring Installation Cost per 1,000 sq ft

The average apartment size in the US is 1,000 sq ft (93 m2), so you can calculate the average price of material, installation, and labor per this apartment area.

Vinyl plank flooring costs per 1,000 sq ft (93 m2)


High Average Low
Material $4,990 $2,990



$1,500 $1,215 $925
Total $6,490 $4,200


The estimated material, installation cost, and labor necessary to install vinyl plank floors for 1,000 sq ft (93 m2) are approximately $9,500. In most cases, the total cost is within a range from $3,000 to $16,000.

The price will vary on the design you choose, room number, the region you live in, the professionals you hire, and the installation method.


The final vinyl plank flooring installation costs vary in a high range depending on numerous factors. Luckily, you can find an ideal option for your home, regardless of the budget you have.

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