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Coretec Vinyl Flooring Reviews (Pros & Cons)

As your interest in vinyl floors keeps growing, do you wish to have one to fit your room that gets more traffic? Do you want to get vinyl floors that will last for a long time? Then Coretec should be on the top of your list.

Here, we’ll cover all about the Coretec vinyl flooring review. After this, you’ll make a correct choice of picking them or not.

People love these vinyl floors from Shaw Inc because of their many styles and colors. Though they are among the costly LVPs, you’ll get the value for your money.

So, are you ready? Let’s cut the chase. We’ll start by having brief info about Shaw Inc.

The Shaw Inc.

The Shaw Inc.

Coretec vinyl floors come from Shaw Inc. They are one of the main items that Shaw markets.

But the US floors company makes them. So, every design and size come from the US floors before going to Shaw Inc.

The Shaw Inc. goes back to 1946. This year, Clarence Shaw bought a small dye firm with his two sons, Robert and J. C Shaw. The name was Star Dye Company.

After 1958, Robert Shaw became the CEO. Remember, the two brothers owned the firm.

They made many profits. So, they began making carpets under the name Shaw Inc.

In 1999, they kept making billions of profits in US Dollars. Shaw Inc. then merged with Queen Carpets.

Julian Saul became the CEO. He then retired in 2006. Today, Vance Bell is the CEO.

The firm keeps having many floor items. Also, they have many plants and over 22,000 employees.

Specs of the Coretec Vinyl Floors

Coretec vinyl floors have excellent specs. Some of them are common in many LVPs, while others are unique to these floors. So, read on to see these features.

They are Waterproof

All Coretec vinyl floors are 100% waterproof. So, you can use these floors in any room that gets a lot of water.

Also, the Coretec body makes them resist water. No water can get into the inner layers. There won’t be any cases of moisture issues and molds on your floors.

But remember, a waterproof floor isn’t the same as a floor that can resist water. For example, you can’t use a water-resistant vinyl floor in a water area. But as for the waterproof floors, your floors will last for a long time.

Without molds, people having health issues can live in your house. So, these vinyl floors will help.

Remember, you’ll only get this spec on high-end vinyl floors. Coretec vinyl floors come with either SPC or WPC body. It’s what makes them 100% waterproof.

You Can Use them on Any Floor

Some of the lines allow you to use these floors on any subfloor. Choose the Coretec Pro and Coretec Pro Plus and use them anywhere. The vinyl floors under these lines can hide any issues and grout lines from tiles.

It’s something that only a few LVPs can give you. It makes these vinyl floors unique.

Can Work Over Radiant Heat

The lengths and widths of these floors allow you to place them on floors with radiant heat. They work well, like heating wood floors.


When talking about vinyl floors that can last, you can’t fail to speak of Coretec. All the layers make the vinyl floors last for a long time.

The SPC and WPC in these floors make them strong. They’ll give you a lovely performance.

You’ll see the benefit of these cores if you live in areas with harsh weather changes. It’s because the bodies are stable. They won’t contract or relax.

Also, they have a thick and solid wear layer. It keeps these vinyl floors away from any dents and scratches.

Most have a wear layer of 20 mils. You can also get some of them with wear layers of 30 mils. Still, some of them have a 12-mil wear layer.

Coretec makes these specs serious by giving you a scratch guaranty of 15 years. It’s something that very few vinyl floors can give you.

These sizes are strong to hold any weight on them. So, you can install these vinyl floors in a room with high traffic. Also, the wear layers make it easy for you to clean and maintain these vinyl floors.

Ease of Installation

Like most high-end vinyl floors, Coretec will give you an easy time to place them. So, if you love the DIY way of installation, then Coretec vinyl floors will suit you.

It means that if you know how to follow the installation steps well, use these vinyl floors. But if you have zero or fewer skills, hire a pro to do the work for you.

Well, it’s because the steps that the Coretec firm gives you are deep. But you won’t need any costly tools.

All Coretec vinyl floors need you to place them using the floating method. Things will be easy for you. Remember, if you will put heavy items on these floors, use the glue from Coretec firm.

You won’t need these vinyl floors to acclimate to your house or place. What you have to do is keep the temperatures at 21℃ as you place them.

An Extra Pad

All have a cork pad. So, you won’t need any underlayment to place these vinyl floors. But it will depend on the type of subfloor you have in your house.

Besides giving an easy time as you install them, this pad brings comfort to the feet. It will provide you with more warmth. This spec comes without a bounce from the floors.

Even those high-end vinyl floors won’t give you the feel of the wood under your feet. They’ll be very comfy even to your dogs and children.

You can also forget about noise from the floor as you walk on them. Coretec pushes to give you comfort at home or office.

Green Care

Your air space at home will be safe even after placing these vinyl floors. All have a GreenGuard Gold pass. It shows that you can recycle the materials in the cores.

Also, these floors come with a Floorscore pass. This spec means that these vinyl floors have low VOCs. They won’t affect anyone with allergies in your home.

If you want the safest line from Coretec, then go for the Coretec Plus line. They have virgin vinyl materials. So, the air in your house will be fresh, and you can recycle them.

Lines of the Coretec Vinyl Floors

Shaw gives you the free will to choose something that will match your house. You get a wide range of lines, styles, and colors. It’s also a spec of Coretec vinyl floors.

Now let’s get a deeper look at these lines. There are two major ones. There is Plus and Pro Plus.

Coretec Vinyl Floor Plus

It’s the largest Coretec line. Here there are six other collections.

1. Coretec Plus

Coretec Plus

These are the most popular Coretec vinyl floors. You’ll get the main lines from the US floors.

There are about 50 styles of vinyl floors from the Plus line. Either has the wood, stone, or tiles look.

The colors range from dark, light to gray. You can also mix various colors to fit the décor of your home.

With the sizes, they are either 5 or 7 inches wide. All are 48 inches long. The vinyl tiles come in 12 by 24 inches.

Every Coretec vinyl floor has a thickness of 8.5 mm. These sizes allow you to make art on your floors. Remember, the designs under this line look like wood grain.

With the vinyl tiles, they have a more real wood and stone look. As for the LVPs, they are softer and warmer.

You can use these vinyl floors in places that get less traffic. They include office spaces, shops, and homes, among others.

2. Coretec One

Coretec One

If you love the Coretec vinyl floors and have a low budget, then choose the styles under this line. Well, it’s because they are the only Coretec vinyl floors that don’t have the extra pad.

Here, you’ll only get 12 styles. They all have wood looks.

The colors fall from light to dark. Also, you can get colors that have many tones. There are only get LVPs with a size of 6 by 48 inches.

Installing them is through the glue down options. But it’s still not hard. These LVPs are the best to help you replace the old floors when money is an issue.

3. Coretec Plus XL

Coretec Plus XL

Under this line, the vinyl floors look like the ones in the Plus collection. But as for the XL line, they have a bigger size. All come in 9 by 72 inches.

If you use large LVPs or LVTs, the floor will have fewer seams and butts. Remember, they are the widest Coretec LVPs.

They come in 20 styles. There are no stone styles, but all have a hardwood look.

The colors range from medium, dark to grays. But a few of them come in light colors. Here, the tones are warm, cool, or neutral.

You can use these vinyl floors in rooms with large spaces. It’s because the LVPs and LVTs can overwhelm a small room.

These are the best choice. If you can pay more than the Plus class, then go for this line.

4. Coretec Plus Enhanced

Coretec Plus Enhanced

With the enhanced line, they have the SPC core. It means they are solid and durable. Also, they come in long lengths like the Plus XL.

They are unique planks because of the bevel edges. It gives these vinyl floors a true wood and stone look.

This line gives you standard and XL LVPs and LVTs. All come in about 50 styles.

The size of the regular planks is 7 inches wide. XL LVPs are 9 inches wide. All tiles are 12 by 24 inches.

As for the LVPs, they come in wood looks. The LVTs are in stone looks like slate and limestone.

The standard size LVPs and LVTs are in medium, light, grey, and dark shades when it comes to colors. The XL planks are in light and medium tones and a bit dark.

These costly vinyl floors suit those who love genuine wood. Also, they have more minor maintenance issues.

5. Coretec Plus HD and Design

Coretec Plus HD and Design

If you want vinyl floors with beautiful colors and designs, then this line is for you. You’ll also get ones with many tones.

The layer with the wood look comes through the EIR tech. So, expect the HD planks line to have a rich grain wood look.

Also, they have a sweeter feel than normal LVPs. The planks have a length of 48 or 52 inches.

With the design series, they also get looks through the EIR tech. The planks are 48, 72, and 108 inches.

The styles are 15 in HD and six in design. But all are wood. Also, the colors are in many tones.

6. Coretec plus Premium

Coretec plus Premium

It’s the most expensive line of Coretec. Here, you’ll get 20 styles that are all wood. The colors are medium, dark, or gray.

All have a length of 72 inches. But these vinyl floors only have a 12 mm thickness. They also feel like true hardwood.

The cork pad of the floors is 3 mm compared to others with 1.5 mm. So, your floors will be softer, warmer, and with less noise. These floors also come with bevel edges.

Coretec Vinyl Floor Pro Plus

Under Pro Plus, there are only three collections. This line came after the Plus set. All are thinner and with better LVPs and LVTs than the Plus set.

1. Pro Galaxy

Pro Galaxy

It’s pretty cheap among the Coretec vinyl floors. The body of these floors has an SPC. They also have an underlayment pad.

These vinyl floors are in 10 styles. Remember, all have wood looks. Colors are from light, medium, and gray shades.

Also, these vinyl floors are 7 inches wide. Also, all have a length of 48 inches.

2. Pro Plus

Here you’ll get the standard Pro Plus and the enhanced. They come in long lengths of 73 inches and widths of 7 inches.

Also, they have unique layers to make them more stable. You’ll get them in 20 styles. All are of the wood looks.

You can use them in places of heavy traffic. It’s because they are more stable and stronger.

3. Pro Plus Enhanced

With this line, they come in bevel edges with paint. It makes them have a natural wood look. But the rest of the specs are the same as the Pro Plus line.

Also, the standard, HD, and XL floors get the looks through EIR tech. But the HD and XL have lengths of 48 and 73 inches. The LVPs have a width of 7 inches, while XL LVPs are 9 inches wide.

There are about 40 styles in this line. All are in wood and stone looks.

Coretec Vinyl Flooring Costs

Coretec vinyl floors are costly. These prices vary with the lines, wear layer, and colors you want.

Also, the guaranty terms are friendly. Below is a table with the costs of these floors.

Line Costs Per Square Foot ($) Wear Layer (Mils) Guaranty (Residential/Commercial)
One 2.90-3.50 12 25 years/5 years
Plus 4.25-4.70 20 Lifetime/ 15 Years
Plus XL 5.15-5.50 20 Lifetime/ 15 Years
Plus Enhanced 4.75-5.50 20 Lifetime/ 10 Years
Plus HD and Design 5.20-6.15 20 Lifetime/ 10 Years
Plus Premium 5.50-6.30 20 Lifetime/ 10 Years
Pro Galaxy 2.80-3.45 12 30 years/ 7 years
Pro Plus 2.90-3.80 20 Lifetime/ 15 years
Pro Plus Enhanced 4.00-4.85 20 Lifetime/15 years


Coretec Vinyl Flooring Pros and Cons


Here are the pros of Coretec vinyl floors:

  • These floors come in many styles.
  • Most have a thick wear layer to avoid scratches.
  • They are eco-friendly
  • Most of these floors have a lifetime guaranty of home use.
  • The underlayment pad makes them comfy on your feet
  • You’ll hear less noise as you walk on them

What of the cons? Here they are:


  • These vinyl floors are costly
  • They are scratch-resistant but not scratch-proof.


For many years, Coretec vinyl floors have grown to be one of the best vinyl floors. Here, you’ll get many lines, styles, and colors. So, you’ll get something that will suit the décor of your house.

Yes, they are costly. But you’ll get value for your money.

You can use them in any place. Even if it’s a kitchen or washroom, you can place these vinyl floors there. Also, you can fix them in areas with many people.

So, do you love these vinyl floors? Would you go for them even if they are costly? Feel free to share your thoughts with us.

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