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CoreLuxe Engineered Vinyl Plank Reviews (Pros & Cons)

Are you looking for a cheap and attractive hardwood floor to fit in any room of your house? Then CoreLuxe vinyl flooring is what you should go for in the market. Here we will tell you all you need to know about it in this CoreLuxe engineered vinyl plank review for better understanding.

The good thing about CoreLuxe engineered vinyl planks (EVP) is that you can clean them using a unique vacuum cleaner that dusts cat hair. Lumber Liquidators is the company that makes the flooring. For that reason, let’s first look at a piece of short information about Lumber Liquidators.

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Lumber Liquidators Company

Lumber Liquidators Company

Do you want quality, suitable floorings, but you don’t have enough cash? Lumber Liquidators will give you the floor of your choice. The company makes many types of floorings, including bamboo, cork, vinyl tiles, and planks.

Tom Sullivan began the firm’s activities in 1993 in Stoughton, Massachusetts, US. So, Tom started by buying excess wood that firms didn’t use and then sold them.

The company has more than 360 branches in America. Also, it sells floors that have both the old and latest style. Now, the firm’s official name is LL Flooring and not Lumber Liquidators. Remember, the new name is to show what the firm does.

CoreLuxe EVP Features

These vinyl planks come with features that will attract your eyes while in the market. So, how does CoreLuxe LVP look? Here are some of the things you will see in the planks.

The Vinyl Planks are Durable

Most vinyl flooring companies focus on how they make their floors to make them attract more people. So, in this case, CoreLuxe is not the same because they come with small details to make them unique.

LL Company makes the floorings with wear and tear layers to make them durable. It makes the CoreLuxe vinyl planks free from scratches and stains.

CoreLuxe EVP are Waterproof

Also, the planks come with a strong core which makes them waterproof. Sounds interesting, right? It will work well in your kitchen area, washrooms, and bathrooms.

The Green Care

Most flooring firms make vinyl plank floors that are eco-friendly. Well, CoreLuxe EVPs are also not left behind. Every CoreLuxe line comes with the GreenGuard gold card to show that it will not affect your air quality and health.

LL Floorings don’t make vinyl planks with any phthalates with them. So, to prove this feature, the floors have a Floorscore certificate. Also, you can never reuse CoreLuxe EVPs, which is common among other floors.

CoreLuxe EVP Collections

Each collection will vary in thickness, length, quality, and color. So, here are is a breakdown of every group.

1. CoreLuxe Regular

CoreLuxe Regular

This collection has 17 types. It has the second-highest number of styles that you can choose under CoreLuxe EVPs. Three of the classes look like a natural stone floor. So, the rest of the vinyl planks look like hardwood floors.

The hardwood floorings that look like CoreLuxe EVPs are maple, pine, and oak. It’s you to choose if your style falls in this collection. Also, the vinyl planks in this collection come with a beautiful mix of colors.

Apart from being the biggest collection, the styles are the cheapest among the three lines. However, you will get thinner planks.

What about the size of the boards? You will find them in 7 inches and planks with 5- and three-quarters inches. Also, the vinyl planks are 5.3 to 5.5 millimeters thick and 48 inches long.

2. CoreLuxe XD

CoreLuxe XD

With CoreLuxe XD, it only has ten styles for you to choose from for your house. That is quite sad. However, the LL Flooring Company makes this collection focusing on the size but not much on the styles; thus, the vinyl planks fall into the extra-large class.

Do you ever fancy having floorings with dark colors? Well, the styles in this collection might match your needs. Only wood styles are available, and you will find the colors in acacia, oak, and hickory.

What about the size of these vinyl planks? CoreLuxe XD oversize designs are between 8 to 12 mm, while most of them come in 7 mm thickness and 48 inches long. So, these vinyl planks might be good for you, especially if you want a floor with a wide-plank look.

3. CoreLuxe Ultra

CoreLuxe Ultra

Among the three collections, CoreLuxe Ultra has the highest number of styles. When someone gives you a choice, you will choose thick vinyl planks over thin ones. So, this aspect is what CoreLuxe Ultra gives you.

If you want CoreLuxe EVP to use in the heavy traffic rooms in your house, then this collection is the answer to your concern. Remember, the styles come in many species to match the taste of your building. These styles that the company gives you are oak, pine, walnut, and Brazilian cherry.

Also, the sizes of most of these vinyl planks are in the extra-large group. Expect to get the planks 48 to 60 inches long and a width of 7 to 8 mm. To your surprise, the vinyl planks come with a padding layer to protect them from getting any moisture.



The price of every CoreLuxe EVP price will depend on the collection, size, color, and purpose. So, expect the vinyl planks to cost between $1.87 and $3.68 per square foot. Also, the extra services given by your store installation will affect the costs.

As for the original CoreLuxe, you will find selling at either $2 or $3 per square foot. The CoreLuxe Ultra sells at $2 up to as high as $5. Lastly, you will buy CoreLuxe XD at a price ranging from either 2 to three dollars per square foot.

So, if you spend more cash on CoreLuxe EVP, will you get more quality? Well, we wouldn’t advise you to have such an expectation. If you want to get value for your money, you should know the style and purpose of the CoreLuxe collection that you want.


As you plan on buying any CoreLuxe EVP, the official website of LL Floorings is where you will get details about these floors. The site is easy to use.

If you don’t have any Lumber Liquidator’s stores near you, you can order the planks online. It’s from the website that you will know the available styles and collections for you. Also, you will get more information about these planks before buying them.


The guarantees of the CoreLuxe EVP will also vary with the lines, styles, and use of the planks. Therefore, if you buy the EVPs for residential or commercial services, expect to have varying warranties. Here is a list of CoreLuxe EVPs with their guarantees.

Collection Warranty
CoreLuxe XD 50 years for both commercial and residential
CoreLuxe Ultra Lifetime Warranty for both commercial and residential
CoreLuxe Regular 10 to 30 years for both commercial and residential

Pros and Cons of CoreLuxe EVPs

The LL Flooring Company gets praises for making vinyl planks that have reasonable prices. However, there are some complaints that some users give in recent years about the quality of these planks. Good enough, the company addresses the issues, but for you, keep in mind the problems you can experience with the vinyl planks.

So, what are the good things that come with CoreLuxe EVPs? Here are the pros:


  • You will get a fair price, especially for the CoreLuxe original, and beautiful warranties for the CoreLuxe XD and Ultra.
  • The vinyl planks are eco-friendly because of being phthalate-free. Also, expect the planks to have Floorscore and Greenguard certificates when you buy them.
  • CoreLuxe has a waterproof layer, which means you can use them in bathrooms, kitchens, washrooms, and basements.
  • The vinyl planks are durable.
  • CoreLuxe looks like wood, which is beautiful in the house.
  • You will have an easy time cleaning the planks.
  • During installation, so long as your place has room temperature, you will place them without waiting for 24 hours, unlike other brands.

What about the cons of CoreLuxe EVPs? Here is what to expect:


  • The sizes of CoreLuxe EVPs are few. Also, CoreLuxe EVPs have fewer collections.
  • After installation, your floor will be glossy and slippery. It makes it hard to have wheelchairs on them.
  • You can’t expose the vinyl planks to sunlight; otherwise, they will fade and lose their beauty.


If you want a strong vinyl plank that will last many years, CoreLuxe EVP from LL Flooring is the best choice. With the rigid cores, the planks can work well in areas that get more traffic, washing areas, and any place you wish to install them. Also, the planks will give you an easy time as you install them on your subfloors.

Remember, CoreLuxe EVP is friendly to your environment. Hence, you’ll have fewer worries after installing them in your house. If you have any more insights and questions about CoreLuxe engineered vinyl plank, you can always leave a comment below.

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