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Congoleum Vinyl Sheet Flooring Reviews (Pros & Cons)

Which is the best hardwood flooring solution alternative? For most people, porcelain tiles and marble make good alternatives to hardwood flooring. The vinyl is not only cheaper but also elegant.

Plank flooring solutions are some of the most luxurious and easiest to install. The Congoleum brand has been providing top quality flooring solutions and products to commercial and residential owners for more than 100 years.

What is Congoleum Vinyl Sheet Flooring?

What is Congoleum Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Congoleum sheet flooring is a composite floor covering material that is better than fiberglass flooring. It boasts controlled stability which enables it to react appropriately to the environment in your home.

For instance, when warm weather forces your home to expand, the Congoleum vinyl sheet flooring does the same. This avoids perimeter gaps.

Congoleum Vinyl Sheet Material

Congoleum Vinyl Sheet Material

Congoleum sheet material is made with the same layers as vinyl flooring, meaning it has polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as well. The materials used in Congoleum have a softer backing. The design and style of Congoleum tiles vary; it all depends on the type you choose.

Are you scouring the market for Congoleum luxury vinyl sheet material for your home? You have four excellent collections to consider. Let’s go through them and their features.

Types of Congoleum Vinyl Sheet

1. Congoleum Structure

The Congoleum Structure collection comprises distinctive luxury vinyl planks and tiles such as 45-degree Sepia Twill. The available sizes vary, so your floor determines what you take home.

It is best if you hire an expert to install vinyl planks or tiles from the Structure series. Proper installation requires you to glue the flooring down. This might be tricky for you to handle alone.

Flooring options in this collection boast a lifetime warranty.

2. Congoleum Endurance

The Endurance collection allows you to choose vinyl planks from a pool of 11 impressive styles. Your options include natural hues such as maple and rustic colors like chestnut.

Installing these 6″ x 36″ planks calls for one to master Congoleum’s SmartLink system. As with most vinyl flooring options available today, they are also waterproof. Their 12mil wear layer makes them suitable for residential application.

Another great feature of vinyl planks in the Endurance collection is their 25-year warranty.

3. Congoleum Triversa

The Triversa collection is on the list of Congoleum’s most popular products. As of this writing, it comes in 31 styles with stone-style and wood-look vinyl planks.

Some styles come in many shades, such as gray, white, and dark brown. Therefore, if you need flooring that somewhat resembles hardwood flooring, this is the collection you should explore.

However, Congoleum offers some styles in only one color.

Triversa vinyl planks have different sizes, including 9″ x 60″, 7″ x 48″, 6″ x 36″ and 8″ x 48.

Notably, the Triversa collection has different plank flooring options, with the Triversa Prime being the latest one. It’s more pocket-friendly than the older Triversa ID and Triversa planks.

4. Congoleum Impact

Like the Endurance collection, Impact vinyl planks feature a 12mil wear layer and a 25-year warranty. Here, there are 16 breathtaking styles. Congoleum has designed these planks to suit the needs of various homeowners, including fans of hardwood-like flooring.

You can install Impact planks using the SmartLock system or glue them down.


The Size and Style of Congoleum Varieties

Type of Congoleum Vinyl Sheet Style Surface size (width by length) Thickness Price per Square foot
Congoleum Structure Hickory Blonde 9” x 48” 3mm $2.91 per sq. ft.
Congoleum Endurance Golden Oak 6” x 36” 2mm $1.61 per sq.ft.
Congoleum Impact White Oak Raisin 6” x 48” 2.5mm $2.05  per sq. ft.
Congoleum Triversa Greige 7” x 48” 8mm $3.85 per sq. ft.

Congoleum Design

Congoleum Design

When it comes to design, Congoleum vinyl sheet flooring doesn’t disappoint. It is available in a plethora of colors and styles. This gives you the privilege of choosing exactly what you need based on your preferences and lifestyle.

For example, if you crave hardwood’s impeccable beauty, pick your flooring from Congoleum’s Triversa or Impact collection. This company’s DuraCeramic Dimensions are best for those who are impressed by ceramic or marble tiles. These are comfy, easy to install, and low-maintenance.

Homeowners looking for unique flooring materials for their spaces should give some thought to Congoleum’s stone-look vinyl planks. They are durable and ideal for various places, including high-traffic areas such as hallways. Only a few other flooring brands offer them, making them rare and worthwhile.

You can easily find Congoleum vinyl flooring in darker and lighter shades. These range from gray, pewter, and brown to pure white, ebony, and warm clay. You should settle for your favorite color or one that matches your interior design.



Installing Congoleum vinyl sheet flooring is a breeze. You can do it alone as long as you have the required tools and materials. If you don’t know how to go about the installation process, check out Congoleum’s comprehensive installation guides.

There are two ways to install Congoleum vinyl sheet flooring. The one you choose depends on the planks you purchase or the style you want.

The first one involves SmartLink and SmartLock systems that are ideal for Congoleum LVP. SmartLock requires you to part the vinyl pieces during installation. SmartLink is a bit different because you’ll need a special tape to ensure that the flooring remains in place after installation.

The second type of Congoleum vinyl flooring installation requires you to use an adhesive. This is best for homeowners who hate floating floors or hope to keep the flooring for many years.

Where can you install Congoleum vinyl sheet flooring?

Fortunately, you can install Congoleum vinyl sheet flooring in any room/part of your home. It doesn’t matter if it’s the kitchen, balcony, basement, living room, or bathroom. This is because moisture doesn’t affect it.

But there’s a catch!

The flooring temperature of the room where you plan to install Congoleum vinyl sheet flooring must be less than 29.44 degrees Celsius. If it’s more, the flooring could start peeling at the edges. This affects its durability, plus it won’t look as good as before.



Congoleum vinyl flooring is affordable, especially when you compare it to similar brands. The price tag of the most available options reads between $3 and $4.50 per sq. foot. This is much lower than other vinyl flooring materials priced at $7 per sq. foot.

Note that the amount you pay for your Congoleum vinyl flooring depends on the collection you select, its style, thickness, and size. For instance, 7″ x 48″ vinyl flooring (8mm) from Congoleum’s Triversa collection with greige style costs $3.85 per sq. ft. 6″ x 36″ Congoleum Endurance (2mm) with golden oak style is priced at $1.61 per sq. ft.

Another factor that could affect the price of your Congoleum vinyl flooring is the store you visit. Some have set their prices higher than others. If it’s an online flooring shop, you may have to pay for the delivery costs.

To minimize expenses, consider installing your Congoleum flooring instead of hiring a professional. This could take a few hours or days, depending on your floor size. Even so, if you’re too busy and have the finances, you can find a qualified Congoleum flooring installer.



Congoleum vinyl flooring is a fantastic option for you if you’re looking for floor covering material to serve you for a long time. With it, you don’t have to worry about frequent scratches or damage due to moisture exposure.

This type of flooring can last over twenty years, but you must take care of it. How can you do this?

For starters, ensure that your Congoleum vinyl flooring doesn’t come into contact with sharp objects such as knives. Once you wear your high heels, avoid walking on the floor. This prevents punctures, enabling it to last longer.

Another thing you should do to enhance your Congoleum vinyl flooring’s durability is protecting it against UV light. This assures you that it won’t fade a few months after installation.

Dragging heavy pieces of furniture and household appliances such as refrigerators on this flooring can cause dents. Refrain from it.

Ecological effects of Congoleum

Congoleum is passionate about environmental sustainability. This is why its vinyl sheet flooring products are eco-friendly. If you have any doubts, check their plank tiles to confirm that FloorScore has certified them.

This company also uses recycled paper to wrap their vinyl sheet flooring materials for their customers. Once you’ve installed your floor, rest assured that you and your loved ones are safe from any health hazards.



Congoleum is devoted to offering top-notch products. Therefore, every flooring material you purchase from this manufacturer comes with a warranty. It varies, depending on the option you pick and where you want to apply it.

For instance, if you buy Triversa Prime, you’ll enjoy a Lifetime Limited Warranty. It stipulates that the flooring is mold or mildew-resistant. Installing it at home should also not cause it to fade or tear as long as you live on the premises.

In addition, this warranty specifies that the flooring should not have any flaws caused by the company.

Check your Congoleum vinyl flooring carefully before you take it home for installation. If it has any defects, ask for a replacement.

Ensure you do everything right during the Triversa Prime installation process. Properly maintain your flooring too. Otherwise, you’ll void your warranty.

Congoleum vinyl flooring options for commercial buildings come with a 5-year warranty. If yours is for residential application, it could be from 10 years – a lifetime.

Pros and Cons of Congoleum Vinyl Sheet

Pros of Congoleum Vinyl Sheet

  • It is cost-effective
  • You can install it in many places, including those with high humidity
  • They are available in many styles, sizes, and colors
  • It lasts longer if you maintain it well
  • It is environmental-friendly
  • Easy to access at local flooring stores and e-commerce sites

Cons of Congoleum Vinyl Sheet

  • Flooring temperature above 29.44 degrees Celsius damages this vinyl flooring

Verdict: Is Congoleum Vinyl Sheet a Good Flooring?

Yes. Congoleum vinyl sheet is an excellent flooring for those interested in affordable options that last long. It comes with many great qualities. For instance, its quality is high, and installing it is a piece of cake. Also, you can find this flooring in many colors and sizes.

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