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CertainTeed Vinyl Sliding Reviews (Pros & Cons)

Would you want to make your house look more appealing using sidings? Then, CertainTeed vinyl sidings will give you what you want. We’ll cover all about the CertainTeed vinyl siding reviews.

Most people love these vinyl sidings because they come in many colors. They’ll turn your house into a new level of beauty. Also, as your home will remain lovely and strong for a long time.

So, let’s dive right into it. We’ll first let you know more about the CertainTeed firm.

About the CertainTeed Firm

About the CertainTeed Firm

These vinyl sidings come from CertainTeed firm. They make many housing materials.

This CertainTeed firm is in North America. But the Saint-Gobain from Paris owns this firm. Today, they have over 60 places that make these sidings in the USA and Canada.

CertainTeed began working by making asbestos pipes. But in the 1990s, they left them behind. They now went into making safer items.

The firm gets the building items from many places. Also, they’ve been in the market for over 30 years.

Specs of CertainTeed Vinyl Sidings

Specs of CertainTeed Vinyl Sidings

These vinyl sidings come with many lovely specs. It’s what makes these vinyl sidings look beautiful and for a long time.

Some of these features are common in other types of vinyl sidings. But CertainTeed has specs that make them stand out. So, read on to see more about these vinyl sidings.

Green Care

These vinyl sidings will be safe for use in your home. Be sure that they won’t affect the air quality of your house.

Also, you won’t need any repainting after installing them. It means that there will be fewer harmful things that the sidings release into the air.

The sidings will also help keep more energy in your house. After you install them well in your home, be sure to see this spec.

These sidings also have a pass from NGBS and LEED. It shows that the things that make the sidings are safe.

Strong Structure

Most of the styles of these sidings are meant to last for a long time. These sidings come with a glass cover and a mix of quartz and iron. It makes them strong for weather changes.

They also have double nails. So, as you place these sidings, it makes them stiffer. The nails also keep them rigid even during strong winds.

Also, with the Duralock tech, installing them will be easy. It means you’ll also have an easy time cleaning and maintaining these sidings.

Lines of the CertainTeed Vinyl Sidings

There are many lines of CertainTeed vinyl sidings. Under these sets, you’ll find many colors and types. So, you’ll have the freedom to choose the best pattern and colors for your house.

Some of these lines are common in other brands of vinyl sidings. Here are the collections.

1. Mainstreet

These vinyl sidings will give you quality floors with excellent looks. You’ll get most things you’d want to see in a premium vinyl siding.

Here the sidings are in many sizes. Take a look at them:

  • Triple 3 inches brushed clapboard
  • Double 4 inches Woodgrain clapboard and Dutch lap
  • Double 5 inches woodgrain clapboard and Dutch lap
  • Single 6.5 inches brushed beaded
  • Single 8 inches woodgrain clapboard

These sizes come in many colors too. But, the ones with single 8 inches are only in white. All are 0.042 thick.

They have a STUDfinder. It allows room for easy lock installation.

Also, they have the rigid form tech. So, the sidings can hold high pressure. There will be fewer scratches and dents.

That’s not all. These sidings can resist fire. It’s because they fall in the class A fire rating.

2. Northwoods Shakes and Shingles

CertainTeed also gives you vinyl sidings that look like cedar. They have the Northwoods shakes and shingles. These sidings are familiar with other vinyl siding brands.

Here, you’ll find these sidings with 20 colors. All come with a fine texture. Also, for sweeter looks, they make an enhanced shadow.

These vinyl sidings have shingle gaps. It makes them more beautiful. Remember, the colors are in darker hues.

But these sidings have only one size, the single 7 inches straight edge. They also have a 0.060 thickness.

3. Monogram

If you love to give your house a unique cedar texture, you can also go for this line. Here, you’ll get vinyl sidings in over 80 colors. 35 are low gloss, 8 are low gloss but with wood patterns, and 40 are trim colors.

These colors come from a touch of nature. So, they’ll make a connection between your home and the surrounding. The colors have a lovely texture with a finish from real cedar planks.

Monogram styles have a 0.046 thickness. Their rigid form tech allows them to be strong under any pressure. Also, cleaning these vinyl sidings is easy.

4. Cedar boards

With the Cedarboards, they look more like cedar wood. What makes them unique is their foam cover.

Your house will be covered in a warm blanket. It makes them more comfortable and quieter.

Also, these sidings are insulated. It makes them more rigid. The spec also allows them to regulate the temperatures of your house.

You’ll get them in three styles and 18 colors. They are double 6- and 7-inch clapboard and single 12-inch board and batten. All have a thickness of .044 inches.

5. Restoration Classic

If you’d love to give your house a touch of art, then pick this set of sidings. There are many architectural colors. They are all 29.

All have a beauty that can last for a long time. These vinyl sidings suit your remodeling project and a new one. It’s because they have a fold-over nail to help them resist strong winds.

The line gives your five sizes. There is double 4- and 5-inch clapboard, double 4.5-inch clapboard smooth, and triple three-inch clapboard smooth.

6. Encore


These styles here will give your house a woodgrain texture. They come at a low price.

Also, the panels are lovely and easy to clean. Here, you’ll also get many colors.

The vinyl sidings are .040 thick. Remember, you’ll get three options of sizes. There is the double 4-inch clapboard, double 4.5 Dutch lap, and double 5 inches clapboard.

7. Board and Bitten

CertainTeed also gives you vertical vinyl sidings. You’ll get them under the board and bitten line.

They’ll give your house an American charm look. Also, your home will have a sweet old look. These styles have beautiful looks that are well-suited to add some art to your house.

Here, there are only two options. They are 7 and 8 inches.

Remember, the 5.5 or 6.5 boards create the 7- and 8-inches panels. Also, they have a thickness of .052 on the 7-inch and .048 on the 8-inch.

8. Carolina Beaded

Carolina Beaded

You can also get beaded vinyl sidings under CertainTeed. So, you can give your house a traditional look.

The firm makes these vinyl sidings from hand-made planks. Your house will have a real impression of the style.

Also, the V groove gives the sidings a shadow line. It comes between the panel’s face and round bead.

Under this set, there are 15 colors. The colors have a low gloss with a brushed finish. It makes it look like newly painted wood.

9. Wolverine American Legend

Wolverine sidings are also a big set from CertainTeed. Here you’ll get 21 colors and three styles.

These sidings will give your house a sweet old look. The colors have a good quality based on the PermaColor tech.

You’ll install them using the grip and lock tech. You’ll need a low effort while placing the sidings.

They have a thickness of 0.042 inches. The lengths are 4 and 5 inches for clapboard cedar style and 4.5 inches for the Dutch lap.

CertainTeed Vinyl Sliding Costs

These vinyl sidings are a bit cheap. So, you’ll get many colors and lovely specs even if your budget is low.

Expect them to be from $4.50 to $9 per square foot after installation. These prices will keep varying because of installation, size, type, and location.

Getting them is easy. Go to CertainTeed’s site, and you’ll see a locator of the closest seller near you.

These vinyl sidings come with a limited lifetime guaranty. But you should know their terms as you buy the sidings. Here are the prices.

Line Costs Per Square Ft. after Installation Guaranty
Wolverine $3.50 to $7 Limited Lifetime
Carolina $5 to $9 Limited Lifetime
Encore $3.5 to $ 7 Limited Lifetime
Board and bitten $3.5 to $ 7 Limited Lifetime
Restoration $3.50 to $7 Limited Lifetime
Monogram $5 to $9 Limited Lifetime
Cedar boards $5 to $9 Limited Lifetime
Northwoods $5 to $9 Limited Lifetime
Mainstreet $5 to $9 Limited Lifetime


Pros and Cons

Here are the pros of CertainTeed vinyl sidings:


  • They come in many colors, lines, and styles
  • They are of high quality
  • These sidings are eco-friendly
  • Installing them is fast and easy
  • These sidings are a bit cheap

How about their cons. Take a look at them:


  • These sidings can reduce your home value.
  • Sun rays can make them fade.


CertainTeed vinyl sidings are strong. Also, they come in many colors. You’ll see this, especially in the Monogram line.

Also, these sidings always care for the environment. Your air spaces at home will always be lovely.

But many people say that the state of these sidings reduces over time. Go for their costly lines if you want something to last long.

So, do you have any more thoughts about these vinyl sidings? Please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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