Vinyl Log Siding: Pros & Cons

Vinyl Log Siding Pros & Cons

With more and more homeowners looking for siding designs that give their houses a more rustic, traditional look, vinyl siding manufacturers have started producing patterns that look and feel like natural wood. Among these is the vinyl log siding, a style that has been pretty popular lately among cabin builders. But is this material better …

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What Is Vinyl Siding Made of?

What Is Vinyl Siding Made of

Vinyl siding is an excellent exterior cladding solution for homes. Not only does it protect your house against harsh weather but also adds curb appeal that helps boost its value. You have probably seen it on homes all over your neighborhood, or perhaps you just had it installed on your house, but have you ever …

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How Much Does Vinyl Siding Cost at Lowe’s?

How Much Does Vinyl Siding Cost at Lowe’s

Once you decide to install vinyl siding, you should check the exact remodeling costs to avoid hidden surprises. Be aware that the price can significantly vary depending on the state where you live. One of the crucial things is to hire an insured and licensed siding contractor to finish this job. You should always insist …

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