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Armstrong Vinyl Flooring Reviews (Pros & Cons)

As you plan to improve the floor of your house, would you mind going for the most flexible vinyl floors? Do you want something that will turn your floors into class? Then choose Armstrong vinyl floors today.

We’ll talk about the Armstrong vinyl flooring review. So, if you plan to buy them or have heard them somewhere, you’ll get the complete info about these floors here.

These vinyl floors come in so many styles. You can’t miss something to match the décor of your house. There’s something for everyone.

People also go for Armstrong because of their strength. They’ll increase the value of your home.

Without a blink, let’s cut into it. We’ll start with short info about Armstrong flooring firm.

The Armstrong Flooring Inc.

The Armstrong Flooring Inc

This firm makes the Armstrong LVPs. It’s a top maker of modern floors.

They focus on how the floor will perform, looks, and how long it can last. These three things are what many buyers look at before buying any floor item. You can use them at home or in the office.

Thomas Armstrong started the Armstrong Company in 1860. So, he began with cutting corks. The place was in Pittsburgh. The firm grew even when Thomas died in 1909.

After 1909, the company started making floors. They had the value of always making the buyer happy.

Armstrong firm began working as one firm in April 2016. They parted ways with Armstrong world Inc. You can get the main office of this company in Pennsylvania, USA.

Also, they have many other offices in other places. Some are like California, Oklahoma, among others. This firm also has plants in China.

Today, Michel Vermette is the CEO of Armstrong. He’s the one who runs and manages the designs of the LVPs.

Specs of Armstrong Vinyl Floors

These LVPs have amazing specs. They’ll be sweet to your eyes and caring to your floors. It’s because Armstrong firm focuses on giving the best to the buyers.

If you install them well in your house, you’ll enjoy these specs for a long time. Remember, these features are here to guide you to make the best choice if you want to buy them. So, here are the specs of the Armstrong LVPs.

1. Easy to Install

Easy to Install

It’s one of the best specs of Armstrong vinyl floors. The firm ensures that you have an easy time placing these LVPs.

Also, it allows you to place them on any sub-floor. You can put them on concrete, tiles, wood, or even sheet vinyl floors.

You’ll only need to follow the correct steps while fixing them. Remember, not every Armstrong style can fit in all the places.

But don’t worry. You won’t miss a style of Armstrong LVP that can fit on your type of floor. The firm gives three ways to place these LVPs:


FasTak makes your work to be easier. You’ll only get that choice on the LUXE collection.

You can call it full spread. It’s the old way of placing tiles. The whole back of a tile comes with glue.

So, with FasTak tech, too, it’s all about the glue cover. There’s a backing that covers the strip of tacky glue cover. This glue comes as a sticky note.

As you fix the LVPs, you can take them up. You can also change their position.

Do you love the DIY way of installation? Then FasTak will help you. Ensure that as you use this tech, the floors are very clean.

If the floors are dirty, the tack planks won’t stick. When the planks don’t stick well, your LVPs won’t be beautiful.


This way is common among most LVPs. So, you can’t miss it among the Armstrong LVPs. You can also call the click and lock tech 5G.

With locking, you’ll only get them under the Vivero line. You can place them using the DIY way.

It’s because they are floating floors. Also, you can take them for repair.

After putting the long side into place, you need to lock them well. But sometimes, it isn’t easy to know if the sides are firm before going to the next.

Many firms in Norway love this 5G tech. Once you fully place the planks, they’ll give you a click. It will show that the LVPs are ready for use.

Glue Down

You can use this way if you plan to stay at a place for a long time. They’ll hold the floors secure and for a long time. This option is there for all lines except for LUXE FasTak.

But with glue down, forget about the DIY way of installing LVPs. Go hire a pro installer to do the work for you. Also, you can’t repair the floors unless you want to destroy them.

2. They are Waterproof

They are Waterproof

Every Armstrong LVP shouldn’t worry you when it comes to water problems. The body of these LVPs has a layer that prevents them from taking in any water. But they can damage in case of floods.

So, you have to be careful with them, but floods are rare. Also, ensure to place them well. It’s when they’ll become 100% waterproof.

The structure of these floors also doesn’t allow any issues of molds and moisture. So, anyone will allergy issues will be safe in your house.

Since they are waterproof, you can place these LVPs anywhere. These rooms can include washrooms, kitchens, washing areas, or any place that gets a lot of water.

3. Green Care

Green Care

Just like most LVPs today, all Armstrong LVPs won’t affect your air space. Be sure that all these vinyl planks have a FloorScore pass. It shows that they are safe for use.

Also, if you get the LVPs from the Vivero line, you’ll smile more. You can recycle them. So, it means they are more eco-friendly.

Remember, you can’t recycle most vinyl floors. But with Vivero, their materials are safe for any house.

All Armstrong LVPs can keep away stains. So, your floor in the house or office will always remain fresh.

4. Durable


Yes, Armstrong vinyl floors can’t miss this spec. You’ll see this more in the rigid core line. It improves the performance of the vinyl floors.

With this rigid core, it makes the waterproof spec even better. Also, you can forget about scratches and dents. So, it means you can install these floors in a house with many kids and pets.

The stains go away because of the super UV finish. So, cleaning these LVPs will be a ride in the park. Your floors won’t lose their beauty.

The core makes the LVPs last for a long time. They’ll also handle heavy weights without getting any damage.

Lines of the Armstrong LVPs

Besides giving you the best specs, you can get in the market, Armstrong also gives you many styles and colors. So, there are two lines. You’ll get Vivero and Luxe.

Under these collections, there are many styles, sizes, and colors. In total, there are over 200 types of these LVPs.

Remember, all come with the specs that make them last for a long time. Here are the lines of Armstrong LVPs.



Many people say that this collection has one of the best LVPs from Armstrong. Yes, it’s true. Well, it’s because most of these planks have the FasTak way of placing them on a floor.

Here, you’ll get styles that have many colors. All options include the distressed, old look, specialty, stones, and wood.

They also have other lines. There is the Luxe rigid core and FasTak. Please take a look at them.

  • FasTak Line

These are the standard LUXE LVPs. If your floor is very clean, you’ll get the best out of these LVPs. Also, you’ll have the spec of DIY installation.

So, if you have some skills, go ahead and install them. But if you aren’t sure, please hire a pro to do the work for you. They have around 24 designs.

FasTak LVPs come in modern and exotic hardwood looks. Some are there with stone looks.

When it comes to sizes, they are 0.16 inches thick. Those in stone looks are 12 by 24 inches; the wood looks are in 6 by 48, 7 by 48, and 7.2 by 48 inches.

  • Rigid Core Line

The rigid core keeps them strong and for a long time. Also, it makes these floors resist any types of dents.

They suit high traffic and areas with more moisture. It’s because of the UV acrylic layer.

These vinyl floors come in over 23 designs. Some look like wood, while others look like stone. They have the same sizes of planks as the FasTak collection.

It’s different from the FasTak line in terms of installation. Here, you’ll install the LVPs using the locking way.



Under Vivero, there are only three types of LVPs. They include Best, Better, and Good. The difference between these lines is the number of styles, colors, and cost.

But they’ll give you the best specs you’d love to see in Armstrong LVPs. So, read on to see these collections.

Vivero Good

Vivero Good

If you want to get Armstrong LVPs, but money is the problem, go for the styles in this line. The types are only distressed and old sweet looks.

They are only in 7 hardwood looks. All can make your floors look beautiful. So, four are oaks, two are maples, and one is pine.

In terms of sizes, they have a length of 6 by 48 inches. Also, they are all 0.11 inches thick.

Installing these LVPs is under two choices. There is the locking and the use of glue.

If you love DIY installation, pick on the locking way. But for a mid-range project, pick on the glue-down style.

Vivero Better

Vivero Better

These LVPs are a bit better than Vivero Good style. You’ll get them in many types like wood, except for the stone looks.

They are in around 11 colors. These colors are in red hues, warm honey, and a touch of light to dark. You can get the modern empire bamboo type.

All have a length of 6 by 48 inches. The width is 0.135 inches.

Also, these LVPs have two ways of installing them. There is the DIY installation and the use of glue. It will depend on what you want to have in your project.

Vivero Best

Vivero Best

Here, you’ll get the high-end types of Armstrong LVPs. They are the costly items among all lines.

You’ll find them in wood and stone looks. All come in 20 colors.

Also, you can get wood looks in oak, timber bay, and other types of hardwood trees. Under the stones, you can get the Travertine and those with concrete looks.

With each color, you can install them using the DIY locking way or glue-down. So, it will give you the chance to choose the best LVPs to suit your sub-floor.


All these LVPs are costly if you compare them to other LVPs. It will depend on the line, style, size, and colors you choose.

Remember, you can get these LVPs in stores like Home Depot, Lowe’s, among others.

The prices might be higher because of installation costs and your location. Below is a table of the costs of each Armstrong LVP.

Line Costs Per Square Foot ($) Guaranty (Residential and Commercial)
LUXE Rigid Core 2.49-3.59 30 years and ten years
LUXE FasTak 3.35-3.99 30 years and ten years
Vivero Good 1.49-2.99 15 years and five years
Vivero Better 2.40-4.25 30 years and ten years
Vivero Best 3.65-4.70 Lifetime and 15 years


Pros and Cons

Below are the pros of Armstrong vinyl plank floors:


  • Here, you’ll get a wide selection of vinyl floors.
  • You can get ones with the DIY installation way
  • All are eco-friendly
  • These LVPs can work in every sub-floor
  • Even if your budget is small, you can still get these planks.

Take a look at the cons of these vinyl floors:


  • All their lines, except for Vivero Best, don’t have a lifetime residential guaranty.
  • Some of them fade if you place them in UV light.


Armstrong LVPs has many lines, styles, and colors to fit the décor of your house. All come in wood and stone looks.

Also, they can fit on any sub-floor. So, you can’t miss a vinyl floor for your house.

Yes, the prices are pretty costly. But you’ll get value for your money.

Also, you’ll get many options to install the vinyl planks. You can use either locking, glue down, or the FasTak tech.

So, do you plan on installing Armstrong LVPs? What are your thoughts about them? Feel free to tell us.

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