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Alside Vinyl Siding Reviews (Pros & Cons)

Are you looking for vinyl sidings that are cheap, durable, and easy to install? Do you want sidings that can last for a long time? Then, you should pick the Alside vinyl sidings.

Here, we’ll cover all about the Alside siding review. You’ll know if it suits your interest or not.

Without a doubt, Alside is one of the best in the sidings market. Most people go for it because cleaning it is easy. Also, heavy weather and scratches shouldn’t worry you if you pick on Alside.

During their easy installation, the sidings come with a secure tech. But let’s get to business. We’ll start with short info about Alside Inc.

The Alside Firm

The Alside Firm

Alside began in 1947. For over 70 years, they’ve been among the best makers of vinyl sidings and doors. They also make things that make your house beautiful and tools.

This company prides itself in making many styles to improve the art of your house. Even if you want a sweet old or modern look, Alside has it for you.

Today, you’ll get this firm in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, USA. They have many other branches across the USA. Also, they’ve over 3000 people working in the firm.

Remember, Alside is part of AM LLC. It helps other firms like Gentek.

Specs of the Alside Vinyl Sidings

These vinyl sidings come with great specs. Everything about them tends to give your house beauty that can last for a long time. So, keep reading to see the best features of these vinyl sidings.


Alside firm makes these sidings with a structure that keeps them rigid for a long time. There is foam insulation. So, the sidings won’t tear or rattle because of strong winds and storms.

Also, the foam cover protects your house. There will be low energy costs. You can also say bye to cases of scratches and dents because the foam is thick enough.

The sidings have strong roll-over nails. These nails have double-row slots. It even makes them better during extreme weather changes.

The Ti-Shield

With Alside vinyl sidings, you can forget about fading. The Ti-Shield prevents the sidings from the effects of UV rays. And to make it better, there is the ChromaTrue layer to avoid fading.

So, even during the hot weather, don’t worry. Your house will keep its beauty.

The TrueShield

Expect each Alside siding to have this cover. It protects the sidings from any impact or force. So, you won’t see any dents while you do everyday activities in your home.

Designers Choice Pigment

These sidings have the same pigment that holds the colors. The layer prevents the colors from washing away. Remember, it’s clear through the siding panel.

Styles of the Alside Vinyl Sidings

Alside gives you many options for you to pick for your house. Be sure to find sidings that will suit the décor of your home.

These sidings allow you to create a beautiful pattern for your house. So, you can have a sweet and welcoming home.

Here are the collections of the Alside vinyl sidings. Look at what each line offers to you as a homeowner.

1. Charter Oak

Charter Oak

It’s the best set from Alside vinyl sidings. They’ll give your house a Charter Oak wood look.

They are the most durable. Since the sidings are strong, expect them to have a good performance and be easy to maintain.

Also, the Charter Oak line has the TriBeam. It makes them very rigid.

This cover comes with a double-thick nail. So, these sidings can withstand the level 5 hurricane winds.

There are many colors in this line. So, expect to get harbor blue, charter oak primary color, antique, among others.

But the sizes are few. These sidings are horizontal and with a 0.46 inches nominal thickness. You’ll get the 4.5 inches clapboard and Dutch lap, 4.5 inches clapboard and Dutch lap XL, matte finish, and Oak grain finish.

2. Charter Oak Energy Lite

Charter Oak Energy Lite

This line isn’t much different from the main Charter Oak. It’s only that this lite collection allows you to keep more energy.

These styles here have a more insulated body. It means they keep more energy.

So, if you live in places with extreme weather changes, you’ll see how important it is to have this line. It won’t affect your quality. Also, there won’t be any moisture issues.

If you are planning to, later on, resell your house, these sidings will increase the value. Remember, the colors and sizes are the same as the main Charter Oak line.

3. Williamsport

This line is only for the rich. The body of these sidings is of the colonial bead. It will be easy for you to enjoy its beauty if you install them well.

So, if money isn’t an issue, you can give your house this simple and elegant line. With a brushed texture, your home will have a warm finish that’s less glossy. It can work for both if your house is new or you are remaking it.

They come in 10 colors but in one size. You’ll only get one with single 6.5 inches beaded. Remember, the colors have the sweet old look.

4. Pelican Bay

This collection is Alside’s special. Here, the sidings look like the scallop and cedar shakes wood. Also, they look like they’re fully handmade.

Remember, you can use it to highlight the shed dormer, windows, and the edge of the eaves. Also, you can make your pattern from these colors. So, you’ll make your house stand out.

Remember, these sidings have a strong body. It means that they can keep their beauty for a long time.

They come in a few colors and sizes. So, picking a size is quite limited.

5. Board and Batten

These sidings give your house some unique details. They come in a vertical shape. Even if horizontal sidings are common, some people like vertical sidings.

The firm makes them inspire some historical info in your home. Also, it can add some taste of elegance to key art areas of the house.

They can go through drastic weather changes. It’s because of the rigid nail hem.

It carries many colors among all Alside’s lines. There are 28 colors.

These colors include both premium and standard. You can get those with natural grain and rough textures.

They come with a thickness of 0.48 inches. But the lengths are few. You’ll get one single 7 inches (5.5-inch board and 1.5-inch batten) with a 0.5 inches projection.

6. Coventry

Now, if your budget is tight, Alside will still sort you. They give you the Coventry set.

They are also a famous set. Well, it is because they are easy to clean and maintain.

Also, the body of these sidings is durable. They are meant to perform well. It gives special protection to your home.

These sidings have a rolled-top nailing tech. It makes them extra strong as you attach them to the wall. Though it’s cheap, you’ll see it makes a strong statement about its quality after installing it.

Here, you’ll get 20 colors, but in five sets. Also, the sizes are many. They are in double 4 inches clapboard, double 4 inches Dutch lap, double 5 inches clapboard, and Dutch lap.

7. Odyssey Plus

Odyssey Plus

Odyssey plus gives you everything you’d want to see in a premium siding but cheaply. Your house will have a natural wood look.

Also, these sidings are durable. They have an added panel thickness of 0.44 inches and a unique lock design. So, expect them to have a high holding and rigid power.

There are many choices. You’ll get four options, 24 colors, and many matching trims and shapes.

But the sizes are few. They are available in double 4 inches clapboard and Dutch lap, and double 5 inches clapboard and Dutch lap.

8. Conquest


If you want sidings that are beautiful, easy to clean, and of high quality, then choose this line. The costs are quite high, but you can be sure of the quality.

They are solid. Well, it’s because of the rolled top nail hem. It makes the panels more rigid and beautiful. To add to that, they have a nominal thickness of 0.44 inches.

Here, you’ll get many colors. The sizes are 4.5 inches clapboard and Dutch lap.

Alside Vinyl Siding Costs

These vinyl sidings are cheap. But the costs will increase because of the fixing charges. Remember, if you want to get them, visit their site. Here, you’ll contact a seller near you.

Alside gives you a limited lifetime guaranty of these sidings. Though people complain about their guaranty claims, it’s good to know their terms. The table below shows the costs of these sidings.

Set Costs Per Square Foot Guaranty
Charter Oak Energy Lite $1.70 Limited Lifetime
Charter Oak $1.20-1.70 Limited Lifetime
Conquest $0.95-$1.60 Limited Lifetime
Odyssey Plus $0.95-$1.60 Limited Lifetime
Coventry $0.95-$1.60 Limited Lifetime
Pelican Bay $0.95-$1.60 Limited Lifetime
Board and Batten $0.95-$1.60 Limited Lifetime
Williamsport $1.70-$2.00 Limited Lifetime


Pros and Cons

Here are the pros of Alside vinyl sidings:


  • There are many styles and collections
  • You can get them across the USA and the world.
  • They can resist water.
  • These sidings can withstand level 5 hurricane winds.
  • They are more rigid than most brands.
  • Your house gets more sound insulation.
  • They are more eco-friendly.
  • Most of the sets are cheap.

Take a look at the cons:


  • Most collections aren’t easy to install.
  • Their premium line is a bit costly.
  • Many people say that these sidings can be the worst harsh cold weather.


Every Alside siding is meant to be beautiful and last for a long time. This firm ensures that they give what most people want in vinyl siding.

Expect to get many collections and in different colors. So, choosing something lovely for your house will be easy. You only have to pick a pro installer to do the work, and all will be beautiful.

Also, they are strong. Expect Alside to keep you safe even during harsh weather.

So, have you installed Alside vinyl sidings in your house? Are you planning to have them soon? Please let us know.

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